Memories are vague and uncertain fragments that come and go, never forming into a clear image. Perhaps, that is what human sorrow is all about... I'm fond of pictures that make me feel at ease... Like those that take you to the scene you see... Like those that tell you all about the scene you see...                                shibata mitsuyuki 想い出とは、常に像をはっきりと結ぶことのない、不確かであいまいな断片が浮かんでくるだけのものだ。それが人間の哀しさの本質かもしれない(dazeから)、、、                                         気持ちのいい写真が好きです、、、                       見た時にその場所に連れて行ってくれる、、、 写した場所のすべてが伝わるような、、、                                                                  芝田満之