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NEW Daze

NEW Daze

In August 1999, a surfer passed away.
He ran through his life freely, wildly, and vividly.
We will for ever remember the man, Kaoru Ohno, and his legacies.

The book, published in 1984, opened the door to the ordinary world in front of me, who by then only knew how to surf.
A surfing-photographer who had been blindly chasing waves and carelessly pressing shutter suddenly found himself in the middle of numerous staffs and facing off against nagging art directors an producers of the city.
The job overwhelmed me with new things, and I made blunders every working minute, but even under the pressure of my first professional shooting,
I kept my pride – I was proud of the ocean, proud of surfing, and proud of Kaoru Ohno. It is difficult to put it into words, but as in the opening words of “Daze”, the countless talks on movies and filming I had with Ohno almost every night in the house of Kamakura valley inspired and nurture my 20-year-old spirit limitlessly. And through the days with Ohno, in which we opened a shop (Betty’s), ran films, surfed, and lived, I finally uncovered my true dream of being a photographer and began to follow the dream.
If the age of surfing-photographer is already in the realm of dreamtime, the book, “Daze”, was the eye-opener that made the dream come true.
Although I never thought of myself as someone who changes someone else’s life, I believe every one of us has one or two who gave us lifetime inspirations.
In my case, Kaoru Ohno was the one, and he witnessed the burgeoning of my dream and its realization.
What was Kaoru’s dream…? Although such a question is pointless, this book must carry a fragment of his dream. His dream, originally depicted in 1984, still seems to be glowing and swinging. Reading the book packed page after page with his dreams as a surfer, as a seaman, as a man, etc.,
I cannot help to think that Kaoru-chan’s dream really was to inspire others with dreams.

Thank you so much, Kaoru… (From “New Daze” by Mitsuyuki Shibata)

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薫ちゃん、ほんとうにどうもありがとう….(芝田満之 NEW Dazeより)

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